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In the year 2010, Dr. Bigyani Das (President, OSA 2009-2011) had established a program for Odia Language propagation. Such activities are directly in accordance with the objectives of the organization. Followed by, OSA executives appointed Mrs. Kuku Das from California to lead and run ‘Let’s Learn Odia’ program for OSA.

In California, Mrs.Kuku Das had started a project called “Chala Ame Odia Sikhiba” or “Let’s Learn Odia” in the year 2000. All these years, with a group of like-minded volunteers, she has been teaching Odia language to the local children and promoting Odia culture and heritage through dance, music, and drama. Through this program, children are continuously participating in different cultural events and getting rewarded. Most of them are actively involved in the community events. Best of all, they are very comfortable about their identity and proud to be Odias. She has prepared a curriculum specifically for this program which is helping the program to teach Odia ( Learning Odia In Three Steps) in a fun but simpler way. It’s based on both phonics and look-say method. Being a teacher herself, she’s very much interested to teach, to help keep alive our mother tongue and our beautiful culture. According to her, our children are the true future of OSA. We have to give them a sense of belonging for the Odia community by teaching them our beautiful language/culture and encourage them take some responsibilities right from the beginning.

OSA LLO program requests all the members to join hands and help to move forward this mission at the national level. This effort definitely will have its own reward one day. As a member, you could recommend someone from your area, who’ll be interested to teach Odia to children in your community. LLO will mentor and guide the prospective teachers with curriculum and ideas. If you are willing to volunteer in this noble venture, please contact Mrs.Das at Kukudas@hotmail.com. Any kind of help is appreciated.

Odia Speech Competition:
OSA’s ‘Let’s Learn Odia’ program conducts an Odia speech competition for children age 7 to 12 during the time of Shree Ganesh Puja. This is a small attempt to encourage our little friends to brush up on their spoken Odia language. We would like to request all of OSA’s chapter presidents to help incorporate this speech competition during the Ganesh Puja event or nearest major chapter celebration. OSA will honor all the participants with a certificate and cash rewards.

Click here for the rules.
Odissi, Champu, Chhanda Competition:
Past few years OSA is conducting OCC (Odissi, Champu, Chhanda) competition during the annual convention. This competition is to promote and recognize the classical singing of Odia musical treasures including Odissi, Champu and Chhanda by young Odias in North America. This program is conceived by Mrs. Lata Misra of New Jersey.
To encourage and prepare the participants at the chapter level, OSA conducts OCC competition during the celebration of Sarawsati Puja, We request all the chapters to incorporate this competition at the local celebration, where all the interested children/youth will get a chance to sing. OSA will honor all the participants with a certificate and cash rewards.

Bhakta Kabi Madhusudan Rao’s Barnabodha, written in Odia, is now available on CD. This CD has been made by Shan Music under the direction of Shantanu Mohapatra. Sangeeta Mohapatra, a renowned singer of Odisha has rendered her voice in singing the beautiful and methodical songs in a classroom teaching style. These songs are based on actual observations of situations in life and on many natural feelings.

Sound clips of the songs:

Dina Rati Mishi Dibasa Eka:

Jahamu Karai Jahamu Kahai:

Ki Sundara Aha Ki Ananda Maya:

Pahila Rajani Balake:








If you want to buy the CD or have further questions, please contact Surya Mishra at bablootiki@aol.com.


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