Odissi, Champu & Chhanda (OCC) Music Competition

Following the last two OSA conventions, Odissi, Champu and Chhanda music competition is being part of one of the various competitions to be held during this year’s OSA convention at Seattle. This competition is to promote and recognize the classical singing of Odia musical treasures including Odissi, Champu and Chhanda by young Odias in North America. This program is conceived and sponsored by Mrs. Lata Misra.

Preamble about Odissi, Champu and Chhanda music


Odissi music belongs to the genre of Classical music of India and has its origin in the state of Odisha. Out of five main branches of Indian Classical music such as Avanti, Panchali, Udramagadhi, Hindustani and Carnatic, Udramagadhi exists in the form of Odissi music. Odissi songs traditionally depict the love and frolics of Radha and Lord Krishna. The classical Odissi dance is also performed with Odissi music. All songs of Odissi are sung in specific ‘Raagas’ and ‘Taals‘. The typical singing style of Odissi starts with a short ‘Aalap’, followed by the main song ‘Prabandha’. ‘Taan’ is used in the form of ’Sargam’ and it usually comes at the end of the song. It is set to the beats and pauses of the ‘Taal‘. Most of the Odissi songs are written by the renowned lyricists such as Jayadev, Kavisamrat Upendra Bhanja, Banamali, Deenakrushna, Kavisurya Baladev Rath, Gopalakrushna, Birakishore Dev etc.


‘Kavya’ with admixture of both prose and poem are known as Champu. In a Champu composition, every stanza starts with the same alphabet. This is sung in ‘Raaga’ and ‘Tala‘. There is no Taan in this style of singing.

Cilck Play to listen to a Champu here:


The main characteristic of these verses is the stress on rhythm. Every ‘Pada’ of a Chhanda is sung in the same swara. Singers sing from the Odia language epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata and from the Indian Puranas.

Cilck Play to listen to a Chhanda here:



Ÿ There are two age groups for participants: 1- Junior (7 to 12 yrs old) and 2- Senior (13 to 18 yrs old)

Ÿ Participants must be registered for the OSA convention through individual or family registration

Ÿ Multiple Participants belong to any particular OSA Chapter are allowed

Rules & Regulation

Ÿ Each participant is required to fill out the cultural sign up form (available to download at Cultural Program tab of http://osa2012.org/) and send to cultural@osa2012.org

Ÿ Each participant can chose any one type of song from Odissi, Champu and Chhanda

Ÿ All Participants must participate for a rehearsal with Harmonium and Tabla accompanists, just one day before the convention at the convention place. Convention cultural committee will arrange the accompanists. The venue/time will be intimated to all participants through email or phone.

  • Ÿ Participant can sing the song in the competition by memorizing the song or direct reading the song
  • Ÿ Each participants can perform a maximum of 4 minutes
  • Ÿ All participants have to seat together at the competition dais

Ÿ Participants can practice the song on their own or if he/she is interested, can rightly contact Mrs. Lata Misra (lata.misra.us@gmail.com or Ph: 732-398-3292) to buy Odissi, Champu & Chhanda Audio and Karaoke CDs, sang by renowned Odissi singer Nazia Alam. A clip of the audio can be found here.

Ÿ A panel of three judges with decent knowledge of Odissi/Champu/Chhanda music will judge the competition

Ÿ Judges decisions are final

Ÿ Any questions about the OCC competition can be emailed to cultural@osa2012.org


Ÿ Cash prizes will be awarded to the participants for each group

Ÿ Additionally certificates will be given to all the participants by the Convention cultural committee

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