The annual convention of The Orissa Society of the Americas takes place during the July 4th weekend every year. The main responsibility of hosting the convention rests with the local chapters of OSA. At times when local chapters do not bid for the convention, Oriya communities under the leadership of an OSA life member and with 15 or more OSA members do take charge of organizing the convention. The convention serves to bring together people with roots in Orissa to share the pride in Oriya culture and heritage and pass it on to the next generation. Convention is the centerpiece of OSA’s activities.

Convention is truly a time to celebrate, enjoy some good food and special entertainment. There is no specific dress code for the convention, but if you enjoy dressing up, this is THE time to dress up at the convention.

OSA 2014 Convention in Columbus, Ohio – Please plan to attend!

Convention Guidelines


Past OSA Conventions

Year & Place of Convention

2013 Chicago, IL

2012 Seattle, WA

2011 Dallas, TX

2010 Redwood City, CA

2009 Trenton, NJ

2008 Toronto, ONT

2007 Detroit, MI

2006 Columbia, MD

2005 Newport Beach, CA

2004 Dallas, TX

2003 Princeton, NJ

2002 Greenbelt, MD

2001 Chicago, IL

1999 Toronto, Canada

1998 Monterey, CA

1997 Houston, TX

1996 Washington, DC

1995 Minneapolis, MN

1994 Pomona, NJ

1993 Troy, MI

1992 Atlanta, GA

1991 Chicago, IL

1990 Washington, DC

1989 Nashville, TN

1988 Saginaw, MI

1987 Stanford, CA

1986 Toronto, Canada

1985 Kent, OH

1984 Glassboro, NJ

1983 Bowie, MD

1982 Minneapolis, MN

1981 Chicago, IL

1980 Detroit, MI

1979 New Brunswick, NJ

1978 Wheaton, MD

1977 Riverdale, NJ

1976 Toronto, Canada

1975 Riverdale, NJ

1974 College Park, MD

1973 Riverdale, NJ

1972 Riverdale, NJ

1971 Hartford, CT

1970 Hartford, CT

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